Stacked Urban Architecture of Hong Kong

    A series of images by Peter Stewart on the dense urban environments, and architecture of Hong Kong's public housing.

    64GB - 64 Eminent Creatives from Great Britain

    64GB is a sketch of its current landscape shaped by established and emerging creative units expert at art direction and graphic design.

    Ferrari - State of the Art by Fabian Oefner

    The Ferrari California T takes center stage as Fabian Oefner prepares for a unique performance.

    The Incredible Hulk Scrap Metal Sculpture

    The Incredible Hulk scrap metal sculpture by Ban-Hun-Lek from Thailand. Pretty amazing.

    Large-scale installations by Damien Gilley

    Portland-based visual artist Damien Gilley creating visually stunning large-scale installations.

    The Keyboard of Isolation by Jody Xiong

    Keyboard of Isolation installation showing how people are living in isolated bubbles as a result of their computer addictions.

    Week of Sleeping Cups by Ilya Kazakov

    Moscow-based illustrator Ilya Kazakov and her awesome week of sleeping cups.

    Drawing: The Dollar by Giorgio Arcuri

    Italian artist Georgo Arcuri and his large-scale photo realistic dollar drawing. Time Lapse video is in the post.

    Bic Pen Illustrations by Helena Hauss

    Amazing Bic Pen illustrations by highly talented Paris-based Illustrator Helena Hauss.

    Collage Artworks from Mechanical Creatures

    Series of collage artworks created by James Bates from strange and mechanical creatures.
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