Iconoclast Pop-Art Series by Gillean Clark

    Series of pop-art portrait artworks by Gillean Clark with vintage magazines, on birch plywood - bolted in plexiglass.

    64GB - 64 Eminent Creatives from Great Britain

    64GB is a sketch of its current landscape shaped by established and emerging creative units expert at art direction and graphic design.

    Foodscross Premium Honey Packaging Design

    Foodscross Premium Honey Packaging Design by studio Mousegraphics in Greece.

    Hyperrealistic Paintings by Kyle Barnes

    Amazing hyperrealistic oil on canvas paintings by Kyle Barnes.

    Huge Frying Pan Sculpture by Andrew Hankin

    Enormous frying pan Sculpture by Andrew Hankin titled "We're Fryin' Out Here" for the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition in Sydney.

    Art Drag Album Series by Nigel Grimmer

    Nigel Grimmer is a multimedia artist currently working with sculpture, photography and text.

    Stippling Tattoo Designs by Brezinski Ilya

    Saint Petersburg-based illustrator and tattoo artist Brezinski Ilya and his stippling tattoo designs.

    Abstract Geometric Illustrations by Kaneda

    Alessandro Pautasso aka Kaneda is a graphic designer and illustrator whose specialty lies in vector art and mixed media.

    Watercolor on cut and folded paper by Timothy Lee

    Timothy Hyunsoo Lee, also known as Timmy, is an emerging Korean-American artist working in Brooklyn, NY.

    3D Paper Masks by Steve Wintercroft

    Steve Wintercroft creates awesome paper masks and offers the templates to make your own 3D mask from cardboard.
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