Dirty Car Art by Scott Wade

    Dirty car artist Scott Wade transforms dirty cars into mobile art galleries.

    Public Gothic Font Family

    Industrial, vintage, condensed, and bold font family Public Gothic designed by Mehmet Gözetlik.

    Hyper Realistic Sculptures by Kazuhiro Tsuji

    Los Angeles-based, Japanese artist Kazuhiro Tsuji creates hyper realistic 3-D portraits / sculptures.

    Digital Portrait Paintings by Marcello Castellani

    Experimental digital portrait paintings by Colombian visual artist Marcello Castellani.

    Mechanical Oil Paintings by Atsushi Koyama

    Atsushi Koyama emphasizing the aesthetic qualities of machines and mechanical drawings in oil paintings.

    Moonassi - series of illustrations by Daehyun Kim

    Seoul-based South Korean artist Daehyun Kim and his awesome drawings and illustrations.

    Concept Gendered Design by Saana Hellsten

    Graphic design, branding and stunning packaging design by Saana Hellsten for BASIK.

    Collage Media Paintings by James Verbicky

    James Verbicky’s unique process of collaging vintage print media with resins and dyes.

    Hello House by OOF! Architecture

    Hello House is a Victorian shophouse designed by Melbourne based OOF! architecture to offer friendly greeting to passersby.

    String Art with Graphics by San Pierre

    London-based artist San Pierre creates remarkable string pattern artworks combined with graphics.
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