Nebula Space Rugs and Towels and by Schönstaub

    Zurich-based Schönstaub’s Nebula collection of carpets and bath towels featuring the deep space.

    64GB - 64 Eminent Creatives from Great Britain

    64GB is a sketch of its current landscape shaped by established and emerging creative units expert at art direction and graphic design.

    2,500 Daily Drawings in a Book by Ruben Steeman

    The thickest artist book published including 2,500 daily drawings created by Ruben Steeman.

    Branding for Swedish Handicraft Societies

    Brand Identity design for National Association of Swedish Handicraft Societies by SNASK.

    Bzzz Premium Honey Packaging Design

    Bzzz premium honey packaging design by creative studio Backbone Branding to perfectly wrap the limited edition honey jars.

    Done With Emptiness Series by Mathieu Huppe

    Done With Emptiness is a exercise of style by Mathieu Huppé, exploring textures through architecture.

    Printing Landmarks with Bicycle Tire Tracks

    Famous Architectural Landmarks printed with Bicycle Tire Tracks by Singapore-based designer Thomas Yang.

    Drifting In Silence Video by Francesco Brunotti

    New music video for the american IDM, Ambient, Shoegaze artist Drifting In Silence by Francesco Brunotti.

    Hair Flip: Kinetic sculpture by Mike Fleming

    Hair Flip (The End of Authentic Gestures) is a kinetic sculpture by Mike Fleming.

    Super Cute illustrations by Jiang Bingtai

    Jiang Bingtai is a talented freelance illustrator from Tainan City, Taiwan.
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