Humouristic Photography by Kirsten Wilmink

    German artist Kirsten Wilmink creates series of stereotypes that are widespread within society with digitally-manipulated photography.

    BOOKMAN x DNS - Canadian Bike Gang

    BOOKMAN partners up with the Deadly Nightshades, a Canadian all-girl bike gang to give you the brightest colour scheme!

    Photography by Dennis Auburn

    Dennis Auburn is a talented photographer based in Houston, Texas.

    Eye Candy Sculptures by Camila Valdez

    Camila Valdez creates sculptures that blend expressive legs with colorful and delicious deserts.

    Abstract Paintings with Stuffed Animals

    Hippopart - abstract paintings produced using a stuffed animals by Russian artist Rostan Tavasiev.

    House built out of 31 Shipping Containers

    This is the largest shipping container house of its kind in Australia. Built out of 31 shipping containers.

    Vintage Ads with Pop Icons

    French artist David Redon remixes vintage ads with today's pop culture icons.

    Surreal Scenes without Photoshop

    South Korean artist JeeYoung Lee creates extraordinary surreal scenes (Non-Digital) in her small studio.

    FEZ: Diorama of a Turkish Street Protest

    Diorama of a Turkish Street Protest on a Fez by artist Slinkachu, created for an exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey.

    Towel Swans by PES for citizenM

    Latest work of PES, Stop motion commercial for the launch of the new citizenM Hotel in Times Square, NYC.