Eric Coll and Sergio Ibaņez found Setanta in 2007. They are based in Barcelona. Great works!

    Wakka Key Holder by Timbre

    Wakka is a key ring which produces a brisk sound "Tat". The sound talks to you "Take care" - "How was your day?

    Sisilia Piring

    Sisilia Piring is a photographer currently based in Chicago. Check her out!

    Tony Kelly

    Tony's fashion photography trademarks are dynamism, sex, relationships, boundaries that are transgressed, beautiful men, beautiful women!

    Paul Mutant

    Have you met Paul before? He has some amazing work to follow. Take a look!

    Tim Walker

    After concentrating on the photographic still for 15 years Tim Walker is now also making moving film.

    Penny Papachristodoulou

    Penny Papachristodoulou is an artist born in Athens, currently living in Barcelona.

    Tim Wan

    Tim Wan is a UK based Graphic Designer with lots of great work! Check him out...

    Bogac Dalkiran

    Bogac is a very talented photographer based in Istanbul, Turkey. Check him out!

    Sebastian Baptista

    Sebastian is an Uruguayan artist based in London. Sometimes he works in teams as an After FX artist and sometimes he does his own stuff.
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