Jacob Sutton

    London based Photographer/Director Jacob Sutton has some great portrait shots to check out!

    Public Gothic Font Family

    Industrial, vintage, condensed, and bold font family Public Gothic designed by Mehmet Gözetlik.


    End-of-the-world survival kit, crafted and designed in Mexico by MENOSUNOCEROUNO.

    Miler Lagos - Home

    Colombian artist Miler Lagos presents HOME, a 9-foot domed sculptureis composed of layers of books from a defunct US Navy base library.

    His/Her Pillows Custom

    You, your husband and the dog? or the opposite? Is this familiar from somewhere. It does to us!

    Rich Pellegrino

    Rich Pellegrino is an illustrator and artist currently working in Providence, Rhode Island.

    Bubi Canal

    Bubi Canal is a Spanish visual artist living in New York. Bubi teleports us to impossible worlds full of emotions and mysterious and intr...

    Nicola Kuperus

    Nicola Kuperus is an American musician and photographer, currently living and working in Detroit.

    The Real Cookbook

    The first and only Cookbook you can actually read, cook and eat. Made out of 100% fresh pasta!

    Ordinary people and Disposable objects

    Ordinary people and disposable objects. Very interesting work from Idan Friedman.
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