Aaron Gillett - Occupied Mono

    A monospaced display typeface was developed as an offering towards a visual common ground for the occupiers.

    Public Gothic Font Family

    Industrial, vintage, condensed, and bold font family Public Gothic designed by Mehmet Gözetlik.


    Stephanie Specht started Stipontwerpt as a side project in Antwerp, Belgium. Her work is simultaneously intuitive, subtle and structured ...

    Walker Brockington

    Walker Brockington is a New York based photographer and the co-founder of art / fashion magazine, VAGA.

    Leolab Studio

    Leolab is an independent studio based in Mexico City founded by graphic designer Leonardo Paz! Check out his works!

    The Bakery Design Studio

    The Bakery Design Studio from Moscow, Russia, working on identity, custom typography, packaging, art direction etc.

    Oslo Airport - miniature animation

    The new Oslo Airport is expanding. It will be completed in 2017. Awesome miniature animation directed by Marc Reisbig!

    Simen Johan

    Johan depicts animals in scenarios where their actions or demeanor mirror human conventions.

    LEGO Reebok Pump

    Commission piece for rapper KAMP ONE in Vienna - Created by Alex Jones / Orion Pax - Cool huh?

    Mariana Calderón

    chčre inconnue - femmes, illustration and day-dreaming from a mexican girl.
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