Geometric Beach Art by Andres Amador

    Andres Amador is an artist who uses the beach as his canvas and a rake as his brush to create impressive art on sand.

    Wakka Key Holder by Timbre

    Wakka is a key ring which produces a brisk sound "Tat". The sound talks to you "Take care" - "How was your day?

    Portrait Paintings with Text on Stamp

    Claude Chandler is an artist from Cape Town who modernizes the traditional portrait by mechanically etching it into text.

    Large-scale installations with Buttons

    By using a seemingly infinite number of buttons, pins, and threads in her art, Ran Hwang creating large-scale installations.Large-scale i...

    Delicious Food Miniatures by Shay Aaron

    Shay Aaron is a talented artist from Tel Aviv, Israel, creating delicious food miniatures.

    Photography into Sculpture by Michel Lamoller

    Berlin based artist Michel Lamoller works with photography in an experimental, sculptural way.

    May - September Installation by Urbana

    7,000 angled metal panels in conjunction with an articulated east/west color strategy creates a unique visual experience.

    Screw Art by Andrew Myers

    3D portraits made of thousands of Screws by combining oil paint and the right use of shadows by Andrew Myers.

    Outside The Lines by Ramona Rosales

    Photographer Ramona Rosales and her latest color-popping project Outside The Lines.

    Mirrors by Dan Holdsworth

    Photographs by British artist Dan Holdsworth investigating the relationship between mapping, photography and visual perception.
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