Firefighter: 21.367 Lego Bricks

    The Lego Firefighter spotted at local store. In total 21.367 Lego Bricks, took 170 Hours to Build.

    BOOKMAN x DNS - Canadian Bike Gang

    BOOKMAN partners up with the Deadly Nightshades, a Canadian all-girl bike gang to give you the brightest colour scheme!

    Miniature City Sculpture: Metropolis II

    Metropolis II is a kinetic sculpture created by Chris Burden that circulates 100,000 miniature cars every hour.

    The Old Man and the Sea

    Oscar Winning Best Animated Short Film by Aleksandr Petrov. Made of 29,000 images painted on glass.

    Owen Gent

    Illustrator Owen Gent's work focusses strongly on narrative, the enigmatic and a feeling of mystery.

    Realistic Drawings by Zaria Forman

    The photograph-like images created by New York-based artist Zaria Forman using her fingers as a brush.

    Dallas Buyers Club Poster

    Poster by Matt Taylor. 20"x36" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 325. Printed by D&L Screenprinting.

    You Are Beautiful

    You Are Beautiful is a project, which has shared over one million stickers, installations, and exhibitions with the world.

    Itching to go travelling? Scratch it.

    UK based design company Luckies has some awesome scratch maps and travel journals you should see.

    Irma Gruenholz

    Irma is an illustrator based in Madrid, Spain who creates amazing hand-sculpted illustrations.