Emotionally Rich Portraits by Kersti K

    Kersti K is an art and fashion photographer based in Malmö, Sweden.

    64GB - 64 Eminent Creatives from Great Britain

    64GB is a sketch of its current landscape shaped by established and emerging creative units expert at art direction and graphic design.

    JET - a series inspired by Retro Airline Ads

    Amsterdam-based photographer Arthur Mebius created a series focused on the airline advertisements from the ‘60s and ‘70’s.

    Mad Money Metaphor by Jacopo Lorenzo Emiliani

    Mad money metaphor series by photographer Jacopo Lorenzo Emiliani for Monnaie de Paris.

    Super Flemish Superheroes by Sacha Goldberger

    Sacha Goldberger mashups the icons of American culture with contemporary painters of the Flemish school.

    Poladarium 2015 Polaroid Tear-off Calendar

    Poladarium is a 2015 tear-off calendar that reveals a new instant photo every day, each with its own little story.

    Done With Emptiness Series by Mathieu Huppe

    Done With Emptiness is a exercise of style by Mathieu Huppé, exploring textures through architecture.

    Conceptual Still Life Series by Anil Akkus

    Istanbul-born still life and conceptual product photographer Anil Akkus and his series White and Black.

    Little Cracks Series by Alyz Tale

    Little Cracks is a series of interesting photographs created by Paris-based photographer Alyz Tale.

    A Heart Disease Called Love by Aleksandra Kingo

    Editorial for La Monda magazine titled "A Heart Disease Called Love" by photographer Aleksandra Kingo.
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